Frequently Asked Questions


There are two parts to AmarGriho: 

  • Association Management
  • Property Management 

Both of these solutions are tightly integrated and work seamlessly. We make it easy to login to our site using facebook . Once logged-in you will see a list of apartments or associations related to you. 

Association Management Features for Owners:

    • View service fees due
    • View payment status of service fees
    • Look at the address book of the apartment community 
    • Enlist one or more people as pre-approved guests who are authorized to enter the premises (such as drivers, servants, etc)
    • Create a Service Request (such as water leak in common area)
    • Send a message to Association Executives
    • Send messages to other owners/residents 
    • Assign tenant to the apartment unit
    • Remove tenant from the apartment unit
    • Add/update occupants who reside in the apartment unit

Association Management Features for Association Executives: 

    • Modify Service Fees
    • Record Utility Bills and other expenses
    • Record any association income (such as common area rental)
    • Record payments received from apartment owners
    • Send notices to owners
    • Respond to Service Requests (such as common area repair request)
    • Assign owner/tenant to an apartment unit
    • Look at the Address book of the Apartment Community 
    • Send messages to someone within the apartment community
    • Update data for External Facing WebSite which can be viewed by general public
    • Assign parking spots to apartment units and optionally maintain the vehicle information.

Property Management Features for Owners: 

    • View rent collection status
    • View status of rental deposit to owner’s bank account
    • View Support Requests submitted by tenants
    • View legal documents signed by Owner, AmarGriho & Tenant
    • View up-to-date accounting of all financial activities

Property Management Features for Tenants: 

    • View rent collection status
    • Open support requests for repairs (such as electrical and plumbing issues)
    • Send messages to Property Manager

Association Management 

Yes. You can use our software to manage all aspects of Apartment Owners’ Association Management yourself.  You do not need us. We will provide all technical support needed to help you do just that.

However, usually Association Management is a common concern of all the owners. So, it is not always feasible for a single owner (usually General Secretary) to do all the boring tasks of day-to-day association management. That’s why, we have a dedicated team of professionals who will do  all the tedious tasks for you. You will be left to do the the fun part – making decisions.


Property Management

No. The Property Management Service is provided by us as an added service on top of the Association Management. Currently, you must use our full service property management solution if you are interested to use our software for property management. 

Depending on others to provide a service is a new concept in Bangladesh. Some people are skeptic about anything new. AmarGriho was founded by three friends who went to a Cadet College together. One of them lives in USA who is a Software Engineer, the 2nd person is a GM in a Bank, and the 3rd person is a Director in a Real Estate company. Should you meet them in person, some of  your worries will disappear. Please call us to make an appointment to meet them. 

Association Management

AmarGriho is in the business of providing a service. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier by performing all day-to-day tasks ourselves. Once your apartment owners’ association is in our charge, you can relax and take overdue vacations.

We provide many features needed for association management. However, below are the most important benefits of having us manage your apartment owners’ association:

  • All financial data is available online. No need to suspect wrong-doing on the part of any other apartment owner.
  • Reduce internal politics by giving the day-to-day responsibilities to an independent 3rd party. No more partial treatment of any kind.
  • No need to be rude with other owners if they don’t follow rules or pay dues on time.  We will deal with them on behalf of the association.
  • If something breaks (lift, generator, etc.), we repair them. We also perform periodic maintenance which may save your association a lot in the long run.
  • We don’t charge any extra on top of the repair costs. Your executive committee approves the repair work knowing the exact costs,.
  • Give an independent 3rd party the responsibility to hold your association elections.

Apartment ownership is relatively new in Bangladesh. That’s why, the concept of shared responsibility is not understood automatically at times. 

We have heard of many stories of dis-functional apartment building. Some of them are as below:

  • The Security Guard does not get paid on time — as no single owner takes that responsibility. This prompts the guard to quit the job or remain as a disgruntled employee.
  • When Lift or Generator require repair, no one takes responsibility
  • Corridor remains dirty at times for lack of cleaning of common areas
  • Exterior of the building looks dirty for lack of maintenance
  • Sometimes common bills (such as water) does not get paid on time
  • It becomes a nightmare to collect payments for common bills and employee salary from each owner who have no written legal obligation to comply
  • Unruly residents remain unchecked — no one dares to control them

If you are in this situation, you are not alone. Please contact us so that we can help you with organizing and setting up the association, and managing it professionally. We have the experience in this field, and have all the legal documents and other information readily available to assist you.

Basic association management is free of charge. There are some premium plans.

Please make sure you have used the same email address to sign up which has been used by your association. If the email addresses are different, please signup using the correct email address or ask the association to change your email address in their system.

If your problems are still not resolved, please contact us.

You need to first sign up on our website. After you login, you should see your apartment unit listed in the homepage. If for some reason, you do not see your apartment unit listed, please contact us.

Please make sure you use the same email address that is already used to register your apartment unit in our system.

No. However, for Association Management Service, we will take over management of the fund of the Association. If the existing fund is too large, we can take only a fraction of the fund in order to pay for existing employee salaries and any pending bills. The details can be determined during the contract signing process.

The basic subscription for Association Management is free of charge. 

For premium plans, we collect the subscription fees on a monthly basis.

– We use state of the art technologies to save and protect your data
– All our data is stored in Google Cloud Platform
– We constantly check our security procedures
– We only host minimum data needed to conduct our business

You can add or modify the occupants of the apartment unit. It is required by law to provide a proper accounting of the people living in any rental property. That’s why, you will have the option to manage the list of people living in the apartment unit. You can also do other activities as naturally needed by the resident such as guest access, parking lot usage, reserve common areas such as multi purpose room, pay for common bills such as a garbage collection bills, etc. Please note the features will vary depending on the rules of the association.

Your email address must be entered as the email address of the Tenant by either the Owner of the apartment or the association. Once this has been done. you can signup as a user using the same email address. Once you login, you should be able to manage your apartment as the Tenant.

We learn about issues in one of the three ways: 

  • Once your apartment owners’ association comes under our management, we put stickers with our customer service numbers in your apartment buildings. Anyone can call us to report any issue.
  • Our property managers visit the properties frequently and learn about the problems by physical inspections.
  • The security guards (if applicable) also notifies us of various issues.

We will fix the Lift, Generator, other equipment as needed.

Please take the following steps:

  1. Use our online email system to send a notice to your neighbor, or you may also lookup the Address Book to find the phone number of the neighbor and call him/her.
  2. If your neighbor continues to make noise which is unacceptable, please send a message to us via your mailbox (you may call our hotline number as well).

If we receive a formal complaint from you,  we will take corrective measures based on the association agreement and local laws in force.

Please do not confront your neighbor with harsh words or threats. Let us do all the talking for you.

Property Management

Owning a property in Bangladesh is lucrative. But it comes with a constant set of headaches. That’s why, the number one element that any property owner is looking for is “Trust”. 

Amargriho was founded by 3 friends who went to high school together, and then shined in their respective fields. One of the founders is a Software Engineer who lives in USA. He faced the problem of managing his own property in Bangladesh. He soon realized that he has to beg one of his relatives to manage the property as he could not find any other reliable option. However, trusting a relative is often fraught with other problems. Some property owners may not even have that option available to them.

The shareholders of amargrhio are already well established in their respective fields. They want amargriho to be a true success.  That’s why, protecting the reputation of Amargriho is their number one priority. They already know that they can create a very successful business in the long run if Amargriho holds its reputation intact. So, there will be no compromise with the “Trust” factor of

As a property owner, all information about your property will be available to you in real-time in a click of a button. You don’t need to call any one or chase someone to know the latest information. All information will be available to you. Do you want to see the Lease Agreement? Want to know when was rental money collected? Want to know what type of plumbing/electrical problem was reported by the tenant? — They are all available via the Amargriho App on your phone. You can simply view it there. We deposit your rental income to your bank account like a clock work. Just sit back and relax – let us do all the work.

Here is a list of the key Property Management Services we provide: 

  • Market your property when a new tenant is needed
  • Screen prospective tenants 
  • Provide you a list of pre-screened tenants for approval
  • Get  your approval on rental terms (monthly rent, security deposit, etc.)
  • Sign the  Lease with the Tenant on your behalf
  • Collect Security Deposits and Monthly Rents 
  • Deposit any amount due to you (rent, security deposit) to your bank account
  • Perform Move-In/Move-Out Inspections 
  • Prepare Property for Rental after a tenant leaves (paint, deep cleaning, other repairs)
  • Respond to all Tenant Requests
  • Hire Skilled Workers to fix any problems reported by Tenant
  • Make annual inspections to make sure the property is in good shape

We collect commissions for rental property management. 

Yes, if you plan to allow us to manage multiple properties or a whole building, we will provide you a custom quote with a discount. If we can save some money by using the same employees and same trips to manage multiple properties, we will try our best to pass on the savings to you.

The technicians will be selected using the following process:

  1. If the owner gives us a list of technicians, we will use them
  2. Otherwise, we will select the best technician for the job in the respective area based on our experience and research

We will always confirm with the owner before giving final order – unless owner can not be reached in a timely manner.

We take care of all legal work:

  • Sign lease with tenant
  • Send notices of any violation of lease agreement
  • Hire Attorney/Lawyer to evict tenant when needed

We work with a select group of attorneys who are specialized in real estate transactions. You will get to choose your attorney if such a need arises.

We also enforce collection of late payments & collection of  repair costs due to damages caused by the tenant.

We will collect the rent from the tenant, and we will deposit the rental income directly into your bank account after deducting our commission or any other repair expenses (if applicable). This will happen automatically. You will be required to have a bank account where we can deposit the money.

You will need to have a local bank account. We will deposit the rental income in that local bank account.

The commission from rental income is our primary revenue that occurs every month as long there is a rent collection. 

However, there are some other charges as below:

  • If we find a new tenant for you (which requires additional work such as putting ads, screening tenants, more than usual visits to the property to show the property, etc), we will charge 50% of the first full month’s rent as commission. 
  • If there are any legal expenses, we will pass them to you. However, your approval will be taken before such expenses are incurred.
  • Any other expenses, paid to 3rd parties with your approval, will be passed thru to you as well.

Yes. We are in the process of launching  a fully furnished short term rental service to operate under AirBnB and other similar platforms. 

This is actually a very good option for NRBs who own nice apartments in good locations. This will allow them to use their own apartment units when they visit Bangladesh. They will always have a welcoming home ready for them in  Bangladesh. On the other hand,  we can rent out these units when they are abroad.  

Please contact us for a custom quote based on your particular unit, location, size, and quality of furniture and other amenities. 

Buy / Sell / Rent

Sorry, we are not in the business of buying or selling properties. We are very specialized in giving you a service that will make your life easier – you may not need to sell your property. Should you decide to give us a chance before you sell the property, please contact us!

However, we do have a classifieds section where you can view properties for sell or put a new ad. This service is 100% free. We do not monitor the authenticity of the claim made by the sellers. You must validate the information on the classifieds, and take measures to protect yourself from fraud.

Sorry, we are not in the business of lending. 

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