REntal Property management Service in Bangladesh

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We not only provide property management for you, we also make all information accessible via web or mobile apps. You stay up-to-date without being actively involved.

OBSERVE But don't get involved

In our unique blend of unparalleled professional service and cloud based software solution, you get to observe all activities we have with your tenants or related to your property. You do not have to get involved.

We Feel your pain

One of our founders is an expatriate who had trouble managing his own properties in Bangladesh. That’s why, this service was born. We created this service to solve our own problems.


Manage single or multiple units

We manage as few as only 1 unit, and as many as the whole building or apartment complex.

Collect rent & deposit it to your bank account

Just like a clock work, we deposit collected rent to your bank account.

Handle tenant support requests

Things break. Plumbing problem or other problems can crop up. We take care of handling them on your terms. You remain informed.

Inspect your property and perform maintenance

Monitoring & inspection will save a lot of money for you. We will do all kind of inspection of your property to keep your property at best condition.

Find tenants for you

When an apartment is vacant, we take necessary actions to rent it out. We also try to maximize rental income.

Charge no markups on repair costs

We don't add any extra charges on top of the repair costs. We also use your preferred contractors to perform the repairs if applicable.

Provide legal support when needed

Managing property related legal affairs is boring, but necessary. We handle real estate related legal activities all the time. We have a dedicated team of lawyers and associates to help.

Verify tenant background

We pre-screen tenants for your approval, and also verify their background using available credit checking sources.


Get real-time notifications

If something happens, you know about it. You don't have to do anything. You just get informed.

Track all income/expenses online

Want to know when we got the rent from the tenant? No problem! It is available in just a few clicks.

View prospective tenant applications

We pre-screen prospective tenants, and you just have to approve them.

Communicate with neighbors

Don't personally know your neighbor yet? No problem. We allow you to find & communicate with your neighbors with just few clicks.

Spy on us

Get to see all communications we have with the tenants.

Manage your home owners' association

If your property has a home/apartment owners' association, you can manage that association using our software for free. Learn more about home owners' association.

Contact US

We know you will be thrilled to work with us. We are ready to answer any questions.

Note: some features may be under development and not yet available

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