Rental Property Management Charges

We have a short video that explains our Property Management Service

We collect commission from rental income. If there is no rental income, there is no commission to pay.

    • We charge 10% commission from the gross rental income. However, minimum commission is ৳2500 per unit.
    • If we manage multiple units in the same location (or manage the whole building), we may provide a discount. Please contact customer support to get a quote.
    • If we find a new tenant, we will collect 50% of first full month’s rent as commission. This is done in order to account for more than usual activities our property managers have to perform including, but not limited to, repairing & cleaning property after former tenant leaves, screening new tenants, showing property to prospective tenants, signing the new lease, collecting security deposit, and giving control of the unit to the new tenant.
    • On every repair request, we forward the actual cost to the owner. If the cost is more than a certain amount, the owner must pay us immediately; otherwise, we deduct it from future payments. If the owner wishes, we will use his/her pre-selected technicians for the repair work.
    • If we need to initiate a legal proceeding, we will seek approval from the owner. If approved, the cost of the legal proceedings will be borne by the owner.
    • All administrative fees collected from prospective tenants or existing tenants (such as Application Fees,  Late Fees) will be retained by us.
    • There is a ৳ 5,000 annual inspection fee (optional). As part of this service, we take photos/videos of the property and submit a written inspection report. 
    • We reserve the right to change any pricing rules without any notice
    • All prices are exclusive of any applicable regulatory taxes
    • Some features may be under development and not yet available
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